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From "Roger Fischer (CW)" <rfis...@Brocade.com>
Subject RE: Missing object when loading from Cassandra with multiple queries
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2017 15:36:35 GMT
Hi Val,

the class is listed below. Two more updates:

* The "Ignoring entry for partition ..." is also present on the slow cluster, where the data
is loaded correctly.

* The clocks are significantly out of sync on the fast cluster. One is off by more than one
minute. I am having this rectified, but it is not my cluster, so it is taking some time.

Here is the key class.

import java.io.Serializable;
import java.util.UUID;
import java.util.Date;

public class FcPortStatsKey implements Serializable {

    private Date    hour;       // partition 1 -- timestamp truncated at the hour
    private Integer bucket;     // partition 2 -- switch_id hashed to buckets
    private Date    dateTime;   // cluster 1   -- date_time
    private UUID    portId;     // cluster 2   -- port_id

    // default constructor
    public FcPortStatsKey() {
    public Date getHour() { return hour; }
    public Integer getBucket() { return bucket; }
    public Date getDateTime() { return dateTime; }
    public UUID getPortId() { return portId; }

    public void setHour( Date hour) { this.hour = hour; }
    public void setBucket( Integer bucket) { this.bucket = bucket; }
    public void setDateTime( Date dateTime) { this.dateTime = dateTime; }
    public void setPortId( UUID portId) { this.portId = portId; }

    public String toString() {
        return String.format( "FcPortStatsKey: %s, %d, %s, %s", 
            hour.toString(), bucket, dateTime.toString(), portId.toString());

    public boolean equals( Object obj) {
        if (this == obj) return true;
        if (!(obj instanceof FcPortStatsKey)) return false;
        FcPortStatsKey other = (FcPortStatsKey) obj;
        // partition keys are derived; need not be included
        if (dateTime != null && dateTime.equals( other.dateTime) &&
            portId != null && portId.equals( other.portId))
            return true;
            return false;
    public int hashCode() {
        // partition keys are derived; need not be included
        int result = 91;
        result = 127 * result + portId.hashCode();
        result = 127 * result + dateTime.hashCode();
        return result;


And here is the related configuration:

                <persistence keyspace="test_11" table="fc_port_stats">
                    <keyPersistence class="com.brocade.poc.icpoc.model.FcPortStatsKey"
                            <field name="hour"/>
                            <field name="bucket"/>
                            <field name="dateTime" column="date_time"/>
                            <field name="portId" column="port_id"/>


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Hi Roger,

Can you show the FcPortStatsKey class?


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