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From "Gordon Reid (Nine Mile)" <gordon.r...@ninemilefinancial.com>
Subject Modelling Question
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2017 23:30:32 GMT

I have a general question about data model design. Currently we have java server nodes, and
.net client nodes. We use services, messaging and the data grid.

The current design is one single ignite cache, which contains all entity types. The key for
entity types is an object, but it has only one field, long id

Because ignite .net has some limitations when mixed with Java, such as no continuous queries
with filter, we do a lot of client side filtering based on the Key class type. In fact we
also use cache events, and again we have to filter by key class and then cast before continuing.

Furthermore, we experience some issues with java/.net Key equality, such as this

At the moment my feeling is that we should change our model

  *   Have one ignite cache per type (we have about 30 types in our model)
  *   Use long primitives for cache keys instead of objects wrapping the id

Our two main drivers are interop between java servers and .net clients, and query performance.
Also get by id performance is very important. Surely this is faster with primitive keys than
objects as keys? We don't do a lot of joining, although I know we can join caches in ignite
queries anyway.

Any comments are much appreciated.


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