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From Pranay Tonpay <pton...@gmail.com>
Subject Few questions
Date Thu, 18 May 2017 16:14:30 GMT
I have setup igfs as a caching layer on top of a HA configured hadoop
cluster.. few questions ~
1) if I put data on hdfs directly, and then read it via ignite, the data
would get cached in ignite and any subsequent fetches wud fetch it from
igfs and not go to hdfs at all... Correct?
2) if after doing step 1 , I explicitly delete data from hdfs , i saw that
data gets deleted from igfs too.. is that expected behavior? I think, in a
couple of instances I was able to see it in igfs, but am not seeing that
happening anymore... Not sure what I am missing
3) simply putting data on ignite cache does not put data in hdfs.. it wud
remain in igfs cache... To have it persist to hdfs too, we should be
writing to igfs with secondary file system and using filesystemfactory to

Pls ignore typos as I am typing over phone....


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