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From "Sean Winship" <wins...@contractor.net>
Subject Re: Master-Worker Pattern Possible In Ignite?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2017 19:51:55 GMT
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<div>Thanks, that was very helpful.</div>



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<div>This question has already been answered here:
<div><a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43551422/javaspaces-like-patterns-in-ignite/"



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<div>I&#39;ve used GigaSpaces in the past and I&#39;d like to know if I can
use Ignite in a similar fashion. Specifically, I need to implement a master-worker pattern
where one set of process writes objects to the in-memory data grid and another set reads those
objects, does some processing, and possibly writes results back to the grid. One important
GigaSpaces/JavaSpaces feature I need is leasing. If I write an object to the grid and it isn&#39;t
picked up within a certain time period, it should automatically expire and I should get some
kind of notification.</div>


<div>Ideally this system should be resilient to failure of one or more nodes.</div>


<div>Is Apache Ignite a good match for this use case?</div>



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