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From Lukas Lentner <kont...@lukaslentner.de>
Subject Network Discovery inside docker containers
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2017 06:57:56 GMT

I have a question about Discovery in a Docker environment.

I have multiple machines running multiple docker containers with ignite in it. I want to use
JDBC Discovery. I give every container a dedicated communication port and discovery port.
My understanding was that the Database Table should be filled with HOSTs and PORTs that can
be reached from any ignite node so that they can find each other. So that's why I exposed
both ports through docker to the outside for each container without relaying it (changing
the port number). You could call machine-1-ip:container-1-discovery-port to discover the "Container
1" inside "Machine 1".

To achive that I set discoveryLocalAddress to the ip of the docker host (the machine). But
it seems that does not work because this address is also used to bind the socket inside the
docker container.

As I do not care on which network interface ignite is binding inside the docker container
from this perspective I would not set the localAddress of the discoverySpi.

How can I not set the local discovery address (because of binding) but still make the JDBC-Discovery-IP-Finder
put the machine ip inside the database table?

It is not about retrieving the machine ip. At all times I have that!



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