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From Chris Parker <chris.par...@imperva.com>
Subject IGFS Usage Question
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2017 19:24:37 GMT

I am new to ignite and am having some difficulty in understanding the limitations of IGFS.
 Currently, I have a project that uses Spark and parquet storing to the local file system.
 What I would like to do is to use IGFS as a cache for the files that are being referenced.
 I had assumed that because the doc indicates that IGFS implements a java file system, that
I should be able to simply add the jars to the classpath for an existing application and then
use the igfs:// scheme instead of file:// for the scheme and not have to modify the code to
use any specific ignite interfaces.  Is this incorrect?  I ask because I am getting an error
indicating that the provider cannot be found for igfs.

If this is not possible, is there a way that I should be configuring ignite with Spark to
effectively do the same thing?  I see instructions for integration with HDFS but we are not
using HDFS at this time.  My goal is to avoiding introducing new code to an existing application,
but get the performance boost due to the memory cache.

Thanks in advance

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