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From diopek <deha.pe...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Missing records Ignite cache size grows
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2017 14:15:24 GMT
Below is our implementation of LoadOnlyCacheStore inputIterator method.
As we tested many times there is no issue on uniqueness of generated cache
But still after loading high number of records into IgniteCache, records
count doesn't match, and few 10s of keys were missing out of million
records. Also if we use the Java cache populated just before serializing
this cache into IgniteCache, all number of records are matching.

In short, after several days of try-outs and debugging, we narrowed down the
root cause of issue to  LoadOnlyCacheStore base class. So, at this point, we
need Ignite core team support to resolve this bug.

Yes, we checked uniqueness of key several times. Below is representative
snippet of our code, how we generate cache key inside inputIterator method. 

protected Iterator<Tuple2&lt;Long,ArrayList&lt;MyDTO>>>*
inputIterator*(Object... args) throws CacheLoaderException { 
        Iterator<Tuple2&lt;Long,ArrayList&lt;MyDTO>>> iterator = null;

extOrRepMapResultSetExtractor = new
                public ArrayList<Tuple2&lt;Long,ArrayList&lt;MyDTO>>>
extractData(ResultSet rs) 
                                throws SQLException, DataAccessException { 
extOrRepList = new
                        *final AtomicLong entryCnt = new AtomicLong(0);*
                        while (rs.next()) {	
                                extOrRepList.add(new Tuple2<Long,
                        return extOrRepList; 

        ArrayList<Tuple2&lt;Long,ArrayList&lt;MyDTO>>> extOrRepList =
        extOrRepList = jdbcTemplate.query(sql,

        if (extOrRepList != null) { 
                iterator = extOrRepList.iterator(); 
        return iterator; 

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