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From Raymond Wilson <raymond_wil...@trimble.com>
Subject Effective size limit for cache items in Ignite
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2017 22:35:11 GMT

What is the practical size limit for items in an Ignite cache?

I suspect the answer is something “As large as the memory you have to hold
it”, but my question is more aimed at the practicality of large items in a
cache due to the overhead of pulling copies of the items out of the cache
in response to a Cache.Get() request.

For instance, let’s say I had cache items in the 64Kb size range, and had
requests that commonly refer to those cache items to perform some work on
them in response to a request. Will each Cache.Get() request require an
extraction and repackaging of the cache item prior to handing it back to
the caller as a new (copied) version of that cache item, or is there a way
for just a reference to the cache item to be returned to the caller?

I understand there is a way to designate the information in a cache as just
blobs of data with no serialisation semantics. In this case does a
Cache.Get() return a pointer or a copy (with a local locking semantic to
prevent change)?



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