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From Gaurav Bajaj <gauravhba...@gmail.com>
Subject Node hangs while accessing cache from Compute Task
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2017 16:30:40 GMT

I am facing issue when I try to access cache from compute task which is
triggered from Continuous Query listener.

This issue happens only when listener is called back synchronously (i.e
when @IgniteAsyncCallback is NOT used).

Cluster node simply hangs and no error etc is thrown.

I have attached the sample application source code to reproduce this issue.

 Sample application details :

1.  App.Java is entry point of the application. Please change the path of
default-config.xml and start the application.

2. Two Caches Employee and Project Cache holding Employee and Project

3. Employee holds key (ProjectId) of Person object.

4. Person holds field called "status"

5. Add continuous query which will be triggered on changing value of
"status" field in Project.

6. Listener will trigger compute task (Map-Reduce Job)

7. In Compute Job, get all the employees of this Project. In Map step,
simply return employee salary

8. In reduce, aggregate the salaries of all the employees.

9. If in the Map job, we try to access Project Cache then Node hangs.

10.If the Listener in Step 5 is annotated with @IgniteAsyncCallback, it
works without getting hanged.

Can you please check if am I doing something wrong or it's Ignite issue ?

According to me, Ignite should atleast throw exception.

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