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From Chris Berry <chriswbe...@gmail.com>
Subject upsert example??
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2017 03:14:36 GMT

I am attempting to convert an existing application to use Apache Ignite. 

The current logic does an “upsert”  from a stream of data. And it will be very difficult
to modify the existing code.

Something like this: 

public void upsertEntry(TKey key, NewInstanceFunctor<TValue> newInstFunc, UpsertFunctor<TValue>
upsertFunc) {
        TValue document = getAndNewIfReqd(key, newInstFunc);
        document = upsertFunc.modifyForUpsert(document);
        getIgniteCache().put(key, document);

public TValue getAndNewIfReqd(TKey key, NewInstanceFunctor<TValue> newInstFunc) {
        TValue document = getEntry(key);
        if (document == null) {
            document = newInstFunc.newInstance();
            getIgniteCache().put(key, document);
        return document;

So, in pseudo-code

1) get the document from the cache
2) if null, create a document and put it to the cache
3) modify the document
4) put the updated document to the cache
This is clearly inefficient.

I am pretty certain that I can accomplish this using a DataStreamer and a StreamTransformer??
I wonder if someone could point me at an example of how to do this??

— Chris 


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