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From Gaurav Bajaj <gauravhba...@gmail.com>
Subject Max limit for Jobs submission to Compute task
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2017 14:02:39 GMT

I was going through various documentation and example of Compute Task to
find out if there is any limit to number Jobs which can be submitted to the
Compute task?
My use case is, I have 200,000 Jobs which I want to submit and do the
aggregation (reduce) on the result of the Job execution.

In other words, can the ArrayList in below example be of size 200000
Will Ignite do some kind of internal queuing to limit number of jobs which
can run in parallel?
I understand there is feature of Continuous Mapping, should that be used in
such scenarios?

// Execute closure on all cluster nodes.
    Collection<Integer> res = ignite.compute().apply(
    new IgniteClosure<String, Integer>() {
                   @Override public Integer apply(String word) {
                        System.out.println(">>> Printing '" + word + "' on
this node from ignite job.");

                        // Return number of letters in the word.
                        return word.length();

                // Job parameters. Ignite will create as many jobs as there
are parameters.
                Arrays.asList("Count characters using closure".split(" "))


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