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From Alper Tekinalp <al...@evam.com>
Subject Re: NullPointerException on ScanQuery
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2016 19:58:42 GMT
> Hi,

Hi Andrey.

First of all thanks for your responces.

First of all you have races in your code. For example your start two
> threads and destroy caches before thread is finished and it leads to
> cache closed error.

It is of course reasonable to get "cache closed" errors in that case and I
am OK with that.

> Moreover, you stops application before any thread
> finished and it leads to topology changing and NPE.

Correct me if I am wrong but I dont think that is true. NPE occurs before
stopping the application. Hence, before any topology changes.

I can understand that this error occurs in a topology change but in that
case it is not.

> The second, I don't understand why do you use threads at all? Usually
> you should start Ignite cluster, connect to it using client node and
> run scan query.
> Starting of several instances of Ignite in one JVM makes sense only
> for test purposes. Anyway, you should start Ignite instances, creates
> caches and after it run threads with your tasks.

Actually this is a test code I try to simulate our real use case. In our
application we have two server nodes that internally running in our
application and we run scan query in that server nodes. In some cases both
of the servers destroy cache and I expect to get the cache closed errors.
But not NPEs because there is no change in topology.

Again thanks for your responses.


Alper Tekinalp

Software Developer
Evam Streaming Analytics

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