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From Alexandr Kuramshin <ein.nsk...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Cache stopped
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2016 10:21:25 GMT
Hi Anil,

Right, you get stopping the node by the cause of segmentation.

Call chain:

org.apache.ignite.Ignition#stop(java.lang.String, boolean)

You could change IgniteConfiguration.setSegmentationPolicy()
to SegmentationPolicy.NOOP, so the node will not be stopped upon
segmentation (the default value is STOP).

But the better way is to deploy the kafka streamer as a node singleton [1],
and implement it as a service, which could be automatically stopped right
before node do.

[1] http://apacheignite.gridgain.org/docs/cluster-singletons

2016-12-16 13:29 GMT+07:00 Anil <anilklce@gmail.com>:

> Hi Anton and Alexandr,
> I thought vertx is invoking IgniteClusterManager#leave because of network
> segmentation. so I created wrapper to IgniteClusterManager and added logs
> before invoking leave(). I did not see any log of wrapper. So ignite is not
> closed from the IgniteClusterManager#leave
> Looks like ignite is stopped from some where else because of network
> segmentation? can you help me in understanding this. is there any to
> intercept behavior ?
> In my scenario,  i am starting kafka streamer when ignite is up and need
> to stop the kafka streamer before closing the ignite due to any problem.
> otherwise, it would lead to data problem. and i am using vertx-ignite.
> please share if there are other cluster manager better than vertx ?
> Thanks for you help.
> - Anil

Alexandr Kuramshin

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