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From Josh Cummings <joshcummi...@workfront.com>
Subject Getting a cluster-configured JCache CacheManager instance
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 15:39:47 GMT
I would like to get an instance of a JCache CacheManager that is configured
to point at a remote Ignite cluster.

I understand that I can provide a location to a spring configuration file
with the correct discovery strategy, etc.; however, it appears that in that
strategy I must supply an IP address directly in the file.

All our configuration is housed centrally, so I cannot provide the
IP address directly in the file.

1. What options are there for doing property placeholder resolution in the
XML file?
2. What options are there for combining XML and java config in such a way
that when I call Caching.getCachingProvider(...).getCacheManager(...), I
get a cache that is the result of both XML and java config? (We are also
evaluating Hazelcast and were able to get things working there over JCache
using this approach.)



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