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From 胡永亮/Bob <hu...@neusoft.com>
Subject How to get all keys of cache most quickly?
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:00:46 GMT
Hi, everyone, 

    About this question, I search the mail list and Ignite java doc, but no suitable answer
was found.

    My use case is, I have a cache whose structure is IgniteCache<String, Map<Long,
    I want loop all entries to remove some entries in Map value.

    So, first, I want to get all keys, and according to key I will use EntryProcessor to handle
every Map value in remote server.

    If I get all keys like the following code snippet:
    IgniteCache<String, Map<Long, List<baselink>>>  mapMatchingData = IgniteManager.getInstance().getMapMatchingData();
    Iterator<Cache.Entry<String, Map<Long, List<baselink>>>>  it1
= mapMatchingData.iterator();
     Cache.Entry<String, Map<Long, List<baselink>>> cEntry = it1.next();
     String car_key = cEntry.getKey();

    If this, I have a worry: are the Map values got from remote server? If got, I think the
performache is bad.

    Wish to get a help, thanks.


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