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From Vladislav Pyatkov <vldpyat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Does Apache Ignite support clustering multiple Java clients?
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2016 15:51:13 GMT
Hello Dean,

Apache ignite allow to package it to one bundle jar (like you want
jar-with-dependencies). It posible, because Ignite was fully wrote on java
and delivered as batch of jars.

You can use several server Ignite node for cast datagrams and one client
node (inter-client as you say), which will be broadcust job to each node.
Look into the article[1] for details about Ignite compute.

[1]: http://apacheignite.gridgain.org/docs/compute-grid

On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 12:55 AM, dwschulze <dean.w.schulze@gmail.com> wrote:

> I've just discovered Apache Ignite and I'd appreciate feedback on whether
> Apache Ignite is what I need.
> My use case is load testing a Java server application.  The server is a
> command line Java program that reads Datagrams and writes them to disk.
> There's no app or web server involved.  The clients create simulated data
> and write datagrams that the server reads.  DatagramChannel is the relevant
> class on both client and server.  The server is capable of reading
> datagrams
> and writing them to disk faster than a single client can create the
> simulated data and send the datagram over the network.  In order to tell
> how
> much of a load the server can handle (socket and file I/O) I need to run
> several clients simultaneously.
> My clients are command line Java programs that use Java 8 async lambdas.
> The only third party libraries I use are Log4j and JUnit.
> In the past I've used TerraCotta to do this.  Terracotta advertises itself
> as a server-striping technology, but it can stripe clients as well.  With
> Terracotta I used a CyclicBarrier that was striped across all clients that
> would wait until all of the clients had reached it and then the clients
> proceeded in unison.  All that is needed with Terracotta is some
> configuration on each client.
> I was going to use Akka (either remoting or clustering) to do this, but it
> turns out that Akka cannot be used from a jar-with-dependencies (Akka's
> various configuation files get overwritten when creating the
> jar-with-dependencies).  If I don't get a solution that lets me use Akka
> from a jar-with-dependencies I'll have to go back to Terracotta and
> configuring each client.  I want something more dynamic which is why I was
> trying out Akka.
> Will Apache Ignite allow me to coordinate multiple clients?  It doesn't
> have
> to be with a CyclicBarrier. I could do it with some interprocess
> (inter-client) communication that signals when each client has reached the
> point where it is ready to write Datagrams and then all clients would
> proceed to write data simultaneously.
> Thanks.
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Vladislav Pyatkov

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