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From Paolo Di Tommaso <paolo.ditomm...@gmail.com>
Subject [Spark-Ignite] How to run exactly one Ignite worker in each Spark cluster node.
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2016 19:20:43 GMT

I'm using the Ignite embedded deployment to run an Ignite workload in a
Spark cluster.

In my use case it's required to deploy exactly an Ignite worker for each
node in the Spark cluster. However I haven't found a way to do that.

Take in consideration this scenario: I'm running a 3 nodes Spark cluster on
AWS (1 driver, 2 workers, each node with 3 cores). I would run 2 Ignite
workers, one for each Spark worker.

I'm using the following script:


I've set `spark.executor.instances = 2` in order to deploy two Ignite
workers, indeed in the main log I can read the following:

16/07/06 18:58:02 INFO spark.IgniteContext: Will start Ignite nodes on 2

 However what happens is that Ignite is launched only in one Spark node.

Looking in the same log, the following line seems to suggest the reason:

16/07/06 18:58:05 INFO scheduler.TaskSetManager: Starting task 0.0 in stage
0.0 (TID 0, *ip-10-37-175-68*.eu-west-1.compute.internal, partition
0,PROCESS_LOCAL, 2137 bytes)

16/07/06 18:58:05 INFO scheduler.TaskSetManager: Starting task 1.0 in stage
0.0 (TID 1, *ip-10-37-175-68*.eu-west-1.compute.internal, partition
1,PROCESS_LOCAL, 2194 bytes)

Spark is running two tasks to deploy the Ignite workers, but both of them
in the same node (*ip-10-37-175-68*).

Is there any workaround to avoid this? or more in general, is it possible
to deploy exactly one Ignite worker for each node in the Spark cluster ?

Thanks a lot.


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