Thank you very mach!Everything works well.

On Jun 29, 2016 5:29 PM, "Denis Magda" <> wrote:

How do you start a remote node? Do you use or ignite.bat script that is delivered in Apache Ignite release bundle?

If so in the release bundle you will see “lib” folder where you can put you jars and will add to to the class path automatically. Alternatively you can put the jars into a separate folder and point to it using USER_LIBS environment variable

export USER_LIBS=/path/to/folder/containing/your/jars

After that use to start the node again.


> On Jun 28, 2016, at 8:52 PM, daniel07 <> wrote:
> Hi Magda,
> I have a question  related to this area.
> Above I mentioned that when I manually replaced necessary classes on remote
> node it worked fine.
> Now I want to replace not the classes but the jar(s)(containing that
> classes).?
> In documentation  is written the following
> "To deploy your JAR files into Ignite explicitly, you should copy them into
> the libs folder on every Ignite cluster member. Ignite will automatically
> load all the JAR files from the libs folder on startup."
> Now question.
> Either in local module(directory) or in remote(server) I dont have "libs"
> folder.
> Where must I add that folder? Shell I add in all nodes?
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