Which version of Ignite are you using?

2016-06-02 21:55 GMT-07:00 往事如烟 <hongliping7@qq.com>:
thanks for your answer, I don't use configure file, so almost we used the default value, only set some items as follows:

CacheConfiguration<Object, Object> cacheCfg = new CacheConfiguration<>("testName");
cacheCfg.setCacheStoreFactory(new ConfigurableCacheStoreFactory<>());

there are 2 servers  and 1 client in my test;

and I alse find that invokes putAll method to put 5 records to cache, and then invoke cache.size() return less than 5, we expect 5;

furthermore,  we are test them in linux environment;

How can I solve this question ? 

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Do you set CacheConfiguration.readFromBackup to “true”? Please share full configuration of your cache.


On Jun 3, 2016, at 6:06 AM, 往事如烟 <hongliping7@qq.com> wrote:

Hi all,
     I have encountered a very strange problem, described as follows:
     first ,  put(1, 2) to the cache in sync mode and the cache is atomic mode;
     then, I immediately invoke get(1) in sync mode to get key=1, expect it returns 2;
     however,  it returns null;
    this question is random appearance,  but I have encountered a lot times;
    Is there anybody have encountered this question,  And how I can solve it ?