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From Alex Osmakoff <Alex.Osmak...@macquarie.com>
Subject Continuous Query
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 00:58:48 GMT
Hi There,

I am using Continuous Query mechanism and most of the time it works just fine. However, in
some cases, it seems intermittently, CQ does not pick up the update in the cache where it

Could you please clarify the behaviour of Continuous Query in the following scenario:

My business logic might create multiple identical CQs in separate processing tasks. As I have
no control on where the particular task gets executed within the grid it is possible that
two identical queries gets created on the same node. Now when the cache gets updated and remote
filter picks up the update to pass it to the local listener of the query, would local listeners
in both queries be notified or only one? I think the same applies to CACHE_PUT_EVENT propagation
in general: if there are two (or more) listeners and only one event would all the listeners
be notified regardless of their location?

Many thanks,



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