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From Kristian Rosenvold <krosenv...@apache.org>
Subject Adding a third node to REPLICATED cluster fails to get correct number of elements
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2016 07:02:10 GMT
For ignite 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7-SNAPSHOT, I see the same behaviour. Since
REPLICATED caches seem to be broken on 1.6 and beyond, I am testing
this on 1.5:

I can reliably start two nodes and get consistent correct results,
lets say each node has 1.5 million elements in a given cache.

Once I start a third or fourth node in the same cluster, it
consistently gets a random incorrect number of elements in the same
cache, typically 1.1 million or so.

I tried to create a testcase to reproduce this on my local machine
but this fails to reproduce the problem.

I have two nodes in 2 different datacenters, so there will invariably
be some differences in latencies/response times between the existing 2
nodes and the newly started node.

This sounds like some kind of timing related bug, any tips ? Is there
any way I kan skew the timing in the testcase ?


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