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From Kamal C <kamaltar...@gmail.com>
Subject How to overcome short-time network problems?
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2016 11:18:26 GMT

    In my setup, sometimes due to network problems local node gets
segmented and stopped.
How to tell Ignite to retry continuously to connect with peers instead of
stopping the node ?


WARN [2016-06-30T16:26:15,370] TcpDiscoverySpi: warning(): Node is out of
topology (probably, due to short-time network problems).
WARN [2016-06-30T16:26:15,370] GridDiscoveryManager: warning(): Local node
SEGMENTED: TcpDiscoveryNode [id=7d24ed24-a742-4d22-b52a-4ce33317e209,
addrs=[], sockAddrs=[
tcltestvm3.nmsworks.co.in/, /],
discPort=47500, order=2, intOrder=2, lastExchangeTime=1467284175362,
loc=true, ver=1.6.0#19700101-sha1:00000000, isClient=false]
WARN [2016-06-30T16:26:15,417] GridDiscoveryManager: warning(): Stopping
local node according to configured segmentation policy.
WARN [2016-06-30T16:26:15,418] GridDiscoveryManager: warning(): Node
FAILED: TcpDiscoveryNode [id=1a2bfcd9-d72f-4a1e-a69f-c6d0b8f8814f,
addrs=[], sockAddrs=[
tcltest1.nmsworks.co.in/, /],
discPort=47500, order=1, intOrder=1, lastExchangeTime=1467278442434,
loc=false, ver=1.6.0#19700101-sha1:00000000, isClient=false]

Kamal C

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