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From Graham Bull <kaiz...@gmail.com>
Subject Persistent storage with Ignite C++
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2016 10:38:29 GMT
We'd like to use Ignite with persistent storage. However, I'm not sure if
our scenario is feasible.

We'll be using Ignite C++. From the documentation it seems as though this
provides a limited subset of the full Java version. There's no compute
functionality, but that's coming soon. But more importantly (for us)
there's no persistent storage functionality.

I understand that Ignite C++ can cluster with Ignite Java. If that's indeed
the case, and the Java instances are able to persist the data they contain,
then what happens to the data on the C++ instances? Will it be persisted,
or will it be lost when the C++ instances are shut down?

The thinking was that initially we'd have a cluster consisting of one C++
instance and one or more Java instances. And later on, once compute
functionality is available, we'd move everything to C++.

Thanks in advance,


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