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From M Singh <mans2si...@yahoo.com>
Subject Ignite : IgniteDataStreamer question about units/valid ranges for perNodeBufferSize, autoFlushFrequency
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2016 17:14:33 GMT
I was looking at the javadoc for some of the methods in this interface and am not sure of
units as well as the ranges for these allowed values.  The impl class just checks for positive
If anyone has any pointers, please let me know.  Thanks

    /**     * Gets size of per node key-value pairs buffer.     *     * @return
Per node buffer size.     */    public int perNodeBufferSize();
Is buffer size in bytes or count of items ?
  /**    * Sets automatic flush frequency. Essentially, this is the time after which
the    * streamer will make an attempt to submit all data added so far to remote nodes.  
  * Note that there is no guarantee that data will be delivered after this concrete    
* attempt (e.g., it can fail when topology is changing), but it won't be lost anyway.  
  * <p>     * If set to {@code 0}, automatic flush is disabled.     * <p>  
  * Automatic flush is disabled by default (default value is {@code 0}).     *    
* @param autoFlushFreq Flush frequency or {@code 0} to disable automatic flush.     * @see
#flush()     */    public void autoFlushFrequency(long autoFlushFreq);
Is the freq in times/sec or every millis etc ?

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