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From Alexei Scherbakov <alexey.scherbak...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to update Ignite config in Production Environment
Date Mon, 30 May 2016 14:28:15 GMT

1. You can destroy cache (IgniteCache.destroy) and recreate it dynamically
with new configuration.
Data must be backed up somethere(on example in the other cache) until the
process is finished.
Don't forget to update Ignite's startup configurations on all server nodes
or you will lose changes on restart.

2. Ignite validates cluster configuration on the node join. If
configuration of the node is not compatible with the current
it not will not be allowed to join topology.

2016-05-30 15:45 GMT+03:00 张鹏鹏 <zhangpp520@gmail.com>:

>  Hi,I have some questions about using Ignite in the  production
> environment.
> 1、I have 3 Ignite nodes as Server,My Java application uses Ignite as
> client.
>      Now,I just use Ignite as JCache implements.
>      When I want to update the Cache config,like adding indexs,What's the
> best way to do it?
>      I don't want to lost data in the server,So,I replace server@1's
> config,then restart it.I must wait data rebalancing finish.Then I do the
> same to the server@2 and so on!
>      I want to do it automatic.But How can I get the rebalancing finishing
> event in Linux console?
> And Is it the only way to update the config If I don't want to lose the
> cache data?
> 2、If the server config is different,which one is valid?Is it the last
> started one?
>      Today,I restarted Ignite server by mistake.I used old config to
> restart one node in the Clusters.
>     The scenes is:
>     server@1  -- old config  --restart
>     server@2  -- old config
>     server@3  -- new config
>     server@1 and server@2 are using old config,server@3 is using new
> config.
>   I restart server@1 by mistake.
>  Then My application appeard
> "Cannot find metadata for object with compact footer: 1236746791"
>  exception.
>  The server occured exceptions too,and the cache couldn't use anymore.
>  Finally,I killed all the application used Ignite client,then update all
> the Ignite config  and restart all the Ignite Server.
> I don't know why I must kill all the Ignite client so I can restart the
> Ignite server  correctly.


Best regards,
Alexei Scherbakov

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