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From Graham Bull <kaiz...@gmail.com>
Subject Nodes running on different operating systems
Date Mon, 23 May 2016 12:01:35 GMT
I assume that it's a supported scenario to have an Ignite setup consisting
of nodes running on different operating systems?

For instance, I've got a Windows host machine, and two virtual Linux
guests. All three machines are running the same version of Apache Ignite
(1.6.0) and the same version of Java (1.8.0_91).

I start the two Ignite instances on Linux, and they detect each other and
stay running.
"[12:47:45] Topology snapshot [ver=2, servers=2, clients=0, CPUs=4,

I then start the instance on Windows. It starts and hangs for a while on:
"[12:47:50] Security status [authentication=off, tls/ssl=off]"

Then both Linux instances respond with:
"[12:48:13] Topology snapshot [ver=3, servers=1, clients=0, CPUs=2,

One of them then exits:
"[12:48:23] Ignite node stopped OK [uptime=00:00:39:924]"

The other stays running, as does the Windows instance:
"[12:48:23] Topology snapshot [ver=4, servers=2, clients=0, CPUs=10,

A few minutes later the second Linux instance exits:
"[12:55:06] Ignite node stopped OK [uptime=00:07:21:069]"

The Windows instance stays running:
"[12:55:06] Topology snapshot [ver=5, servers=1, clients=0, CPUs=8,

(I'm using the binary download on all machines. I haven't used Ignite
before now; I spent a few hours looking at the 1.5.0-final release last
week, then saw the 1.6.0 release today.)

Thanks in advance.

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