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From "conway.ken" <conway....@gmail.com>
Subject Ignite Client Blocks On Ignite Server Restart
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2016 13:40:25 GMT
Hello, I'm having a problem with Ignite clients blocking indefinitely after
an Ignite server node is restarted. The problem occurs when running in a
cluster, while using Ignite as a simple distributed cache.  This problem
only seems to manifest itself when under load.

My configuration includes 3 Ignite server nodes, configured to run on 3
seperate physical hosts, each on the same sub net.  Each physical host also
has 3 seperate applications running on them and each of these applications
are configured as Ignite client nodes.  In effect, I have a cluster that
when fully started has a topology snapshot of [ver=14, servers=3,
clients=9, CPUs=24, heap=18.0GB].  Each server node has 4GB heap allocated.
Each client node has 512m heap allocated.

The load test is accessing the applications that are configured as Ignite
client nodes, and results in approx approximately 700 cache transactions
(350 gets and 350 puts) per second having a cache payload of approximately
2k each.

I've tried a few configuration adjustments but have not found one that
resolves my problem and I'm hoping someone might be able to point out what
is causing it.

The steps I perform to produce the problem are as follows:

   1. Start Ignite servers on host01, host02 and host03
   2. Start client applications on host01, host02 and host03
   3. Start load test application
   4. Stop Ignite server on host03
   5. Wait a few minutes and then restart Ignite server on host03

Upon restart of the Ignite server on host03, all client requests then block

Please see the attached files for the configurations being used.

If anyone can help me out with what I have done incorrectly, I would really
appreciate it.


ignite-server-config.xml (1K) <http://apache-ignite-users.70518.x6.nabble.com/attachment/4554/0/ignite-server-config.xml>
IgniteCacheFactory.java (1K) <http://apache-ignite-users.70518.x6.nabble.com/attachment/4554/1/IgniteCacheFactory.java>
IgniteConfig.java (2K) <http://apache-ignite-users.70518.x6.nabble.com/attachment/4554/2/IgniteConfig.java>

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