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From Tolga Kavukcu <kavukcu.to...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Unexpected heap usage by GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 05:27:47 GMT
Hi Denis,

Thanks for the response. I will try
The screnshots taken from eclipse memory analyser which opens and analyses
heap dump. I understand heap requirement for wrapping and indexing off-heap
entry positions. But also found out that instances of
*is constantly increasing within jvm.

I also create and destroy so many small caches during the lifecycle, do you
think that it is possible to destroyed caches leaves a footprint in heap.

The previous scrreenshots was dominator tree view of memory analyser. I
attached again with headers.

 You can see that each of GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl uses 20mb~ heap. And
there are 72 instances of GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl living.

Also i attached screenshots of leak suspect report of memory analyzer,
which is taken periodically. You an see that instances of
keeps increasing. *

Any ideas or suggestions?

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 6:00 PM, Denis Magda <dmagda@gridgain.com> wrote:

> Hi Tolga,
> GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl contains list of partitions that belong to a
> specific node. In case of offheap caches each partition (concurrent map)
> contains set of wrappers around keys->values, stored offheap. The wrapper
> holds information that's needed to unswap a value or a key to Java heap
> from offheap when required by a user application.
> So Ignite requires extra space for internal needs even when offheap mode
> is used.
> I would recommend you trying to reduce
> IgniteSystemProperties.IGNITE_ATOMIC_CACHE_DELETE_HISTORY_SIZE. This is the
> size of the queue that keeps deleted entries for internal needs as well.
> https://apacheignite.readme.io/v1.5/docs/capacity-planning
> BTW, could you explain what columns from your screenshot mean exactly?
> What tool did you use to create the memory snapshot?
> --
> Denis
> On 4/6/2016 3:02 PM, Tolga Kavukcu wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I use partitioned ignite cache for a very dynamic data. Means that there
> are many updates,deletes and puts with around 5m~ row.
> So to avoid gc pauses i use off-heap mode. But when i analyse heap i see
> that count and heap size of
> *org.apache.ignite.internal.processors.cache.distributed.dht.GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl*
> increasing constantly.
> Please see attached screenshots taken from mat heap dump.
> <bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.CacheConfiguration" name="DEFAULT">
   <property name="atomicityMode" value="ATOMIC" />    <property name="cacheMode"
value="PARTITIONED" />    <property name="memoryMode" value="OFFHEAP_TIERED" /> 
  <property name="backups" value="1" />    <property name="affinity">        <bean
class="org.apache.ignite.cache.affinity.fair.FairAffinityFunction">            <constructor-arg
index="0" type="int" value="6"/>        </bean>    </property>    <property
name="writeThrough" value="false" />    <property name="writeBehindEnabled" value="false"
> Thanks for helping out.
> There are totally 1.2 heap used by GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl, almost
> equals to my data size. Do you think that there are problems with
> configuration.
> *Tolga KAVUKÇU *



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