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From vidhu <mevidhusha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Huge heap size for ignite cache when storing 20 million objects of small size
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2016 17:36:49 GMT
Yes we are not facing any issues related to gc and we can run SQL queries
as well. I tried performing gc through visualvm but size didn't reduced.

We need to load lot of data in our ignite cluster(approx 112 million
objects in cluster). If we go by current scenario we will need lot of ram
and ignite nodes to load this data.

Other option we are trying is to reduce memory size(heap size).

Since we have 112 million objects so we tried to intern fields of this
We have thus implemented an intern cache. After implementing this intern
cache we are able to reduce object size. But the overall heap size is still
not reduced.

With rawWriter heap size reduced but SQL queries are not working.

Could you suggest a way to reduce heap size and SQL query still working.
Is the extra heap that ignite is taking is because of meta data needed by
it to run SQL queries?
On 17 Feb 2016 22:51, "vkulichenko [via Apache Ignite Users]" <
ml-node+s70518n3052h82@n6.nabble.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Do I understand correctly that everything works fine and you're not
> running out of memory or experiencing long GC issues? If so, most likely
> you don't have any memory issues, Java simply does not collect garbage
> because there is a lot of space available. You can try to perform GC from
> Visual VM and see how much memory will be available after that.
> -Val
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