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From nyname00 <mario.st...@panagenda.com>
Subject Semaphore waiting for permit even if node is shut down
Date Sun, 28 Feb 2016 20:14:23 GMT
Hi Igniters,

I've got a problem with a semaphore that seems to wait for a permit even if
the node is already shut down. This behavior appears in a multi-node setup
where i try to shut down all nodes at the same time (using a poison-pill). 
The code below can be used to reproduce the behavior. You will notice that
there is no call on sem1#release() - this is because in my poison-pill
scenario there seems to be no way to get a handle to sem1. And since I was
under the impression that any semaphore gets released by Ignite when the
node crashes/is shut down, I was expecting an exception on sem2#acquire().

Any ideas? Best regards,

public static void main(String[] args) {
	Ignite i1 = Ignition.start(new IgniteConfiguration().setGridName("1"));

	System.out.println(">>> I1 STARTED");
	IgniteSemaphore sem1 = i1.semaphore("sem1", 1, true, true);
	System.out.println(">>> S1 READ");
	System.out.println(">>> S1 ACQUIRED");

	new Thread(() -> {
	    IgniteSemaphore sem2 = i1.semaphore("sem1", 1, true, true);
	    System.out.println(">>> S1 READ 2");
	    try {
		System.out.println(">>> S1 ACQUIRED 2");
	    } finally {

	try {
	} catch (InterruptedException e) {

	System.out.println(">>> I1 CLOSING");
	System.out.println(">>> I1 CLOSED");

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