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From Andrey Kornev <andrewkor...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: TcpDiscoveryVmIpFinder's isShared property
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2016 17:16:40 GMT

Thank you for the clarification, but I must admit I'm still not completely out of the woods
with respect to intended usage. Setting the property to "false" seems to be most natural and
only reasonable option, and I wonder when would one want to set it to true? I must be missing

Also, just to clarify. In the last sentence you're saying: "This way user doesn't have to
list any IPs before start..." How would then the new nodes know where to look for a node to
connect to? They need to get the list of seed nodes from somewhere, right? If so, then setting
isShared to true doesn't really make much difference - an initial list of seeds still must
be provided to every node.


Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 12:55:52 +0300
Subject: Re: TcpDiscoveryVmIpFinder's isShared property
From: yzhdanov@apache.org
To: user@ignite.apache.org

Guys, this property is supported in VM IP finder for simplifying discovery in single VM. I
agree, that name could be better, but I would not mess with it for now and just fix the javadocs
(pls review, I did that in master).
"isShared" is a property of any IP finder. If it is "true" then IP finder allows to add and
remove addresses in runtime and this is how, for example, S3 IP finder works. If "isShared"
is "false" then IP finder is immutable and all the addresses should be listed in configuration.
This is the most use case for VM IP finder. Since, usually VM IP finder is created per each
Ignite instance and all the known IPs are listed right away, but there is also an option to
make it shared - set "isShared" to true and literally share it between local VM Ignite instances.
This way user does not have to list any IPs before start, instead all starting nodes add their
addresses to the finder, then get the registered addresses and continue with discovery procedure.--Yakov

2016-01-13 22:45 GMT+03:00 Dmitriy Setrakyan <dsetrakyan@apache.org>:
Any chance we could get an explanation here, so we can update the docs? Yakov, I think you
would know how this flag works.
On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 11:40 AM, Vladimir Ozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com> wrote:
+1 to the question. Very confusing property. At the very least JavaDocs should be reworked
On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 8:32 PM, Andrey Kornev <andrewkornev@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi there,

I'm a bit confused about the purpose and usage of this property. What is being shared with
who? What are the consequences of setting the property to true or false? Under what circumstances
would one want to set it to either true or false? Does one care at all?


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