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From Denis Magda <dma...@gridgain.com>
Subject Re: Computation on NodeEntries
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2015 07:53:04 GMT
Hi Andrey,

Please see below.

On 12/13/2015 9:08 AM, Andrey Kornev wrote:
> Yakov,
> If partions do not migrate while they are being iterated over, 
> wouldn't it then suffice to simply execute a single ScanQuery with its 
> isLocal set to true? My reasoning here is that the scan would create 
> an iterator for all affinity partitions, thus preventing their 
> migration. If it's not the case, how would then a local ScanQuery 
> behave in presence of topology changes?
 From what I see in the code setting ScanQuery's isLocal to 'true' gives 
an ability to iterate over all the partitions that belonged to a node at 
the time the query is started. All the partitions won't be moved to 
another node until the querys's iterator is closed.

However, here I see the following issue. Imagine that your cluster has 
two nodes and you decided to iterate over all local partitions of two 
nodes and the execution sequence looks like this:

1) ScanQuery with isLocal=true started executing on *node A*. All the 
partitions are blocked and won't be moved.
2) *Node B* receives the same compute job with the ScanQuery in it. 
However because of an OS scheduler a Thread that is in charge of 
starting the query is blocked for some time. So the iterator over local 
partitions is not ready yet and the partitions are not blocked;
3) Third *node C* joins the topology. Partitions that are owned by *Node 
B *may be rebalanced among *node A* and *node C*.
4) Partitions that are rebalanced from node B to *node A* won't be 
visited by your code because node's A iterator is already built while 
node's B iterator is constructed after the rebalancing.

The issue can't happen when you specify partitions explicitly using 
Yakov's approach below. Because in the worst case in the situation like 
above a just rebalanced partition's data will be uploaded to a node that 
was initially an owner of the partition (at the time when you calculated 
partitions owners).

> Also, what's the best way to handle topology changes while using the 
> SqlQuery rather than ScanQuery? Basically, it's the same use case, 
> only instead of scanning the entire partition I'd like to first filter 
> the cache entries using a query.
SqlQueries will work transparently for you and guarantee to return a 
full and consistent result set even if a topology is changed while a 
query is in progress.

> Thanks
> Andrey
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> From: Yakov Zhdanov <yzhdanov@apache.org <mailto:yzhdanov@apache.org>>
> Sent: Friday, December 11, 2015 10:55 AM
> Subject: RE: Computation on NodeEntries
> To: <user@ignite.apache.org <mailto:user@ignite.apache.org>>
> Partition will not migrate if local or remote iterator is not 
> finished/closed.
> On Dec 11, 2015 21:05, "Andrey Kornev" < andrewkornev@hotmail.com 
> <mailto:andrewkornev@hotmail.com>> wrote:
>     Great suggestion! Thank you, Yakov!
>     Just one more question. :) Let's say the scan job is running node
>     A and processing partition 42. At the same time, a new node B
>     joins and partition 42 needs to be moved to this node. What will
>     happen to my scan query that is still running on node A and
>     iterating over the partition's entries? Would it complete
>     processing the entire partition despite the change of ownership?
>     Or, would the query terminate at some arbitrary point once the
>     partition ownership transfer has completed?
>     Thanks a lot!
>     Andrey
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2015 16:06:16 +0300
>     Subject: Re: Computation on NodeEntries
>     From: yzhdanov@apache.org <mailto:yzhdanov@apache.org>
>     To: user@ignite.apache.org <mailto:user@ignite.apache.org>
>     Guys, I would do the following:
>     1. Map all my partitions to
>     nodes: org.apache.ignite.cache.affinity.Affinity#mapPartitionsToNodes
>     2. Send jobs (with its list of partitions) to each node using map
>     returned on step1
>     3. Job may be like:
>     new Runnable() {
>          @Override public void run() {
>              for (Integer part : parts) {
>                  Iterator<Cache.Entry<Object, Object>> it =cache.query(new
>                  // do the stuff... }
>          }
>     };
>     This may result in network calls for some worst cases when topology changes under
your feet, but even in this case this should work.
>     --Yakov
>     2015-12-11 2:13 GMT+03:00 Andrey Kornev <andrewkornev@hotmail.com
>     <mailto:andrewkornev@hotmail.com>>:
>         Dmitriy,
>         Given the approach you suggested below, what would be your
>         recommendation for dealing with cluster topology changes while
>         the iteration is in progress? An obvious one I can think of is to
>         - somehow detect the change,
>         - cancel the tasks on all the nodes
>         - wait until the rebalancing is finished and
>         - restart the computation.
>         Are there any other ways? Ideally, I'd like to have the
>         "exactly-once" execution semantics.
>         Thanks
>         Andrey

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