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From sunyson <sunyson.z...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Grid stopped with IgniteCheckedException: Failed to deserialize object with given class loader: sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 12:14:02 GMT
Hi, Denis 
Thanks for your responses.
I'm sorry I didn't describe the case clearly.

Denis Magda wrote
> BTW, you mentioned that the grid stopped working. What do you mean under
> that? Was the grid hanging and you had to restart it or it stopped because
> your app shut id down when an exception was detected?

1.There are 3 nodes A,B,C. Node A ID is
da388f98-2a1d-4cd8-b464-77b27ca743f3. All of these nodes are deployed on
All debug logs are from node C.
Node A and Node B can still work well as a cluster after node C left the
topology .
Node C can not join the cluster of node A and B before I restart ignite
instance. The node C output log as follow, 
>>> +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
>>> Ignite ver. 1.4.0#20150924-sha1:c2def5f647e410e9f25383d3e74f393e4d1348a5
>>> stopped OK
>>> +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
>>> Grid name: SCHEDULE_NEW

2. The node throws EOFException when the node  left topology. That happened
for about 3 times.
I'm not sure whether the bad network result in that.
Node C throws EOFException:
 org.apache.ignite.spi.discovery.tcp.TcpDiscoverySpi   - Caught exception on
message read [sock=Socket[addr=/10.1.XX,port=11547,localport=47500],
locNodeId=2c76d516-9a32-46ac-98cb-b8c3b032b063 (NODE C),
rmtNodeId=da388f98-2a1d-4cd8-b464-77b27ca743f3(NODE A)]
org.apache.ignite.IgniteCheckedException: Failed to deserialize object with
given class loader: sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@35e5ebbf
	at org.apache.ignite.spi.IgniteSpiThread.run(IgniteSpiThread.java:62)
Caused by: java.io.EOFException
	at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readStreamHeader(ObjectInputStream.java:801)
	at java.io.ObjectInputStream.<init>(ObjectInputStream.java:299)
	... 2 more

3. I lost the logs on node A, if it happen again I will provide the logs.

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