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From pgarg <pg...@gridgain.com>
Subject Running multiple NEAR_ONLY caches in same JVM for production redeployment
Date Sat, 09 May 2015 00:24:38 GMT
/asked by eric broyles/

We have run into a strange issue that is preventing us from moving forward
with Ignite in our application at this time. We are using the Data Grid
feature (strictly) running a single grid (currently composed of four
standalone nodes on four separate systems) with a partitioned cache and one
backup configured. Then we have a web application that is configured to use
a NEAR_ONLY cache that connects to that grid. This is all working fine …
except when we redeploy our application.

We are running on WebLogic Server 10.3 which supports production
redeployment such that you can deploy a new version of your application at
the same time as the old version. When this happens, WebLogic will route all
new sessions to the new version and any old sessions will remain on the old
version until they timeout, at which time the old version is decommissioned.
This works fine (we’ve been doing it for years) but not with Ignite. Ignite
complains upon startup with the error "MBean was already registered:

We have tried several things to get around this but to no avail. Essentially
it is trying to start another Ignite instance in the same JVM with the same
configuration as the already running NEAR_CACHE instance. I see that the
IgnitionEx.registerFactoryMbean method is checking to ensure that there is
no Mbean registered , but oddly it is using effectively a hard-code value
based upon the string "Kernal" and the simple class name of Ignition.

I don't profess to fully understand why it wants no existing MBeans, but it
does strike me as odd that it is using a hard-coded value.

I have seen in the docs that multiple instances can run in the same JVM, but
I haven't seen how to make it work (at least not within the context of a web
application container where ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer() is
going to return the same value as the first Ignite node that was started).

I also tried calling Ignition.ignite(configuration) but that results in the
following exception: org.apache.ignite.IgniteIllegalStateException: Grid
instance was not properly started or was already stopped.

I am very happy with Ignite, but unfortunately this issue is preventing me
from being able to move forward with it. I hope I'm just missing something
simple. I appreciate any help or guidance anyone can offer.

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