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From Ivan Pavlukhin <vololo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: nodes are restarting when i try to drop a table created with persistence enabled
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2019 07:02:50 GMT

Stacktrace and exception message has some valuable details:
org.apache.ignite.internal.mem.IgniteOutOfMemoryException: Failed to
find a page for eviction [segmentCapacity=126515, loaded=49628,
maxDirtyPages=37221, dirtyPages=49627, cpPages=0, pinnedInSegment=1,

I see a following:
1. Not all data fits data region memory.
2. Exception occurs when underlying cache is destroyed
(IgniteCacheOffheapManagerImpl.stopCache/removeCacheData call in stack
3. Page for replacement to disk was not found (loaded=49628,
failedToPrepare=49628). Almost all pages are dirty (dirtyPages=49627).

Answering several questions can help:
1. Does the same occur if IgniteCache.destroy() is called instead of DROP TABLE?
2. Does the same occur if SQL is not enabled for a cache?
3. It would be nice to see IgniteConfiguration and CacheConfiguration
causing problems.
4. Need to figure out why almost all pages are dirty. It might be a clue.

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