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From Alexey Zinoviev <zaleslaw....@gmail.com>
Subject [ML][DISCUSSION] The future of Vectorizer
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2019 08:27:51 GMT
Hi, Igniters

The new functionality of building Vectors was merged to Apache Ignite in the
next commit

This new functionality brings to Ignite ML the new approach of building
vectors. But in my opinion the shouldn't constrain ourselves with narrow
understanding of Vector nature as an analogue of double[] array.

I suggest to extend the Vector and Vectorizer API to support Strings and
another types (like Blobs, Images and etc) as a vector elements.

It brings next advantages:
* gives a chance to inify the hierarchy of Preprocessing Trainers and Model
* give us a chance to implement ML algorithms working not only with doubles
* unifies our Vectorizers as a first step in our Pipelines
* drops a lot of unused generics
* makes one simple requirement to final users: convert their data to Vectors

Join to discussion, ML-interested persons and share your opinon here!

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