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From sergey-chugunov-1985 <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] ignite pull request #5600: Ignite 10374
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2018 10:07:01 GMT
GitHub user sergey-chugunov-1985 opened a pull request:


    Ignite 10374


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/gridgain/apache-ignite ignite-10374-1

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #5600
commit 52cf2809a759071d440719f968ab0d0040fdf23e
Author: EdShangGG <eshangareev@...>
Date:   2018-07-17T15:04:38Z

    IGNITE-9013 Fail cache future when local node is stopping - Fixes #4369.
    (cherry picked from commit 85b2002796fb601d7e7ce7d7320943f9323c2bdd)

commit 92dbb2197488b5c0c61182586d49254263b3a49b
Author: Evgeny Stanilovskiy <estanilovskiy@...>
Date:   2018-08-10T14:47:13Z

    IGNITE-9231 improvement throttle implementation, unpark threads on cpBuf condition. -
Fixes #4506.
    Signed-off-by: Ivan Rakov <irakov@apache.org>

commit 0e66d270a41caeedee20a93a3ad4aea95f074dce
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@...>
Date:   2018-08-13T08:59:27Z

    IGNITE-9244 Partition eviction should not take all threads in system pool
    (cherry picked from commit 2d63040)
    Signed-off-by: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@gmail.com>

commit fcef6b826ef1eef13c14e752e52c1d05e49ac508
Author: Alexey Kukushkin <alexeykukushkin@...>
Date:   2018-04-26T16:31:43Z

    IGNITE-8237 Ignite blocks on SecurityException in exchange-worker due to unauthorised
on-heap cache configuration. - Fixes #3818.
    Signed-off-by: dpavlov <dpavlov@apache.org>
    (cherry picked from commit 54cb262438bc83af3c4e864a7e5897b36fcd8c73)

commit 0a12c50b4755380ab1b25dceee7420d465a6bfec
Author: dpavlov <dpavlov@...>
Date:   2018-04-26T16:38:05Z

    IGNITE-8237 Javadoc for method parameters added.
    (cherry picked from commit ebe55e3ff84232f67a2885354e3e26426a6b16cb)

commit 35cc55405823482e51929d42b74c5e9030bb74e9
Author: Evgeny Stanilovskiy <estanilovskiy@...>
Date:   2018-08-10T13:21:25Z

    IGNITE-8724 Fixed misleading U.warn implementation - Fixes #4145.

commit 3ce67e86bde0c12f954403c12b1b799661f5d5ae
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@...>
Date:   2018-08-14T12:10:30Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'professional/ignite-2.5.1-master' into ignite-2.5.1-master

commit 8ee5db8f253a0092a2200593fa28887878cd9a15
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@...>
Date:   2018-08-10T12:32:19Z

    IGNITE-9050 WAL iterator should throw an exception if segment tail is reached inside archive
directory - Fixes #4429.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
    (cherry picked from commit dbf5574)

commit 88c1035404a7a5b778e74a45bd443200602f15bd
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@...>
Date:   2018-08-14T12:03:21Z

    IGNITE-9260 Fixed failing test (omit check in standalone WAL iterator) - Fixes #4533.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
    (cherry picked from commit 237a99e)

commit 80c46addc69d93fd082c37547c6368ee8616ad86
Author: vd-pyatkov <vpyatkov@...>
Date:   2018-08-15T11:42:42Z

    IGNITE-8761 WAL fsync at rollover should be asynchronous in LOG_ONLY and BACKGROUND modes
- Fixes #4356.
    Signed-off-by: Ivan Rakov <irakov@apache.org>
    (cherry picked from commit 3e75f9101411f0a6bf72aee1e52b2fc3507792ab)

commit fa458b9d715e4f7e01ac2c0363ade40a0106cf29
Author: ascherbakoff <alexey.scherbakoff@...>
Date:   2018-08-11T11:13:26Z

    IGNITE-9246 Optimistic transactions can wait for topology future on remap for a long time
even if timeout is set.
    (cherry picked from commit 5d151063d554f23858373d642e7875b6a4f206f9)

commit eadc99c7052a10168b4072c457be070d48e25dc8
Author: Aleksei Scherbakov <alexey.scherbakoff@...>
Date:   2018-08-13T10:29:29Z

    IGNITE-9147 Race between tx async rollback and lock mapping on near node can produce hanging
primary tx
    (cherry picked from commit a3f9076e475f603a6c3a457b64f721fd0c24a396)

commit 3e18a523817f7175ec3131db26147e352d8a8324
Author: Sergey Kosarev <skosarev@...>
Date:   2018-08-15T14:59:32Z

    fix imports (IGNITE-9244)

commit b4e29ad9a9dcd3572366ed000395ec3ffc34a79f
Author: Ivan Daschinskiy <ivandasch@...>
Date:   2018-08-16T11:21:19Z

    GG-14091 Add idle verify dump and idle verify v2 to security chain.

commit 64b6504b4273e5a661c1420aea8ecb888f953c30
Author: Denis Mekhanikov <dmekhanikov@...>
Date:   2018-08-16T14:33:52Z

    IGNITE-9196: SQL: Fixed memory lead in mapper. This closes #4505.
    (cherry picked from commit bfa192ca473c992353c8bae8ba9aa5fa359378b3)

commit b32f510e0d16adca2232f15ae70af1f15eb39940
Author: Pavel Kovalenko <jokserfn@...>
Date:   2018-08-16T15:39:49Z

    IGNITE-9227 Fixed missing reply to a single message during coordinator failover. Fixes
    (cherry picked from commit 66fcde3)

commit bc1a1c685ec66be5f6360a36f7f842e79b040412
Author: Evgenii Zhuravlev <ezhuravlev@...>
Date:   2018-08-10T11:23:37Z

    IGNITE-5103 Fixed TcpDiscoverySpi not to ignore maxMissedHeartbeats property. Fixes #4446.
    (cherry picked from commit 1c840f59016273e0e99c95345c3afde639ef9689)

commit d8af4076b65302ea31af461cda3fe747aea7c583
Author: Evgeny Stanilovskiy <estanilovskiy@...>
Date:   2018-08-15T17:28:48Z

    IGNITE-8493 GridToStringBuilder arrayToString refactoring. - Fixes #4501.
    Signed-off-by: Dmitriy Pavlov <dpavlov@apache.org>

commit cf81547e7fe640eb8b0a72cdb1c32e6c6bfe16d3
Author: Anton Kalashnikov <kaa.dev@...>
Date:   2018-08-17T12:20:23Z

    IGNITE-9307 Added completing eviction future if node was stopped - Fixes #4564.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
    (cherry picked from commit 654ccf0)

commit 618395a35f4cc0406b2f7a73214f1c323d407b6a
Author: Alexey Stelmak <spiderru5597@...>
Date:   2018-08-09T13:37:04Z

    IGNITE-8219 Call failure handler when an infinite loop is detected in B+ tree. Fixes #3849.

commit 4d286331cd4b749076ef9b915b749c4be187f299
Author: Anton Kalashnikov <kaa.dev@...>
Date:   2018-08-17T12:45:43Z

    IGNITE-9268 Fixed unreleased page lock when exception is thrown from BPlusTree - Fixes
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
    (cherry picked from commit e827b60)

commit 0c3c34cdda1d9e3044b85fa63403e46b5256366b
Author: Andrey Novikov <anovikov@...>
Date:   2018-06-22T09:58:44Z

    GG-14087 Backport IGNITE-8428 Web Console: Implemented connection to secured cluster.
    (cherry picked from commit 523a871bfa0c946f6b55755763ca382621f236d3)

commit 13c36fef466f76393c6e6307638ed4a2ff4fd081
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-06-22T10:00:11Z

    GG-14087 Backport IGNITE-8428 Web Console: Implemented connection to secured cluster.
    (cherry picked from commit c8be8c2b8e8a474a90735d6e9eaebc67c1c8e3de)

commit 0d88f7852a2ef725ea6bab13464b24dd78172d38
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-07-11T13:25:52Z

    GG-14087 Backport IGNITE-8428 Web Console: Added support for task arguments with private
    (cherry picked from commit d7723dcc4efd668efc47ecbcd50661b096e3501a)

commit 0b4ee13eb69c35ca7829849d6506eadd9c359a37
Author: Vasiliy Sisko <vsisko@...>
Date:   2018-05-30T09:55:46Z

    GG-14116 Backport IGNITE-8568 Added support for "Collocated" query mode.
    (cherry picked from commit da907693316674d22ab5a44162531f48f111f980)

commit 72aa4cbab4484104617e422825895ef533b5f766
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-08-03T09:31:41Z

    GG-14117 Backport IGNITE-9179 Baseline: Added separate task for collecting info about
    (cherry picked from commit ff7372b7128df3b57ee02b735cc3010645697b7a)

commit ff57a8673ffe7cb88542539b82053e5c7f0ec2bf
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-08-21T07:58:58Z

    GG-13195 IGNITE-9337
     Added optional group name to VisorNodeDataCollectorTask.
     Implemented VisorCacheNamesCollectorTask to collect all cache names and deployment IDs.
     Minor code cleanup.
    (cherry picked from commit 1ad03f070b14f6f0c24ff0fde25b6c0cb8e5bcca)

commit 59eae045eb92ee56ede34a37c7017fe623f04c7d
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-08-22T04:19:59Z

    GG-14081 Squashed commit with latest Web Console.

commit 8799faa32eb0fc5bb67e5bfe1e7e72b7baab7d97
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-08-22T04:51:58Z

    GG-13195 Updated classnames.properties.

commit 60fdc4fbd30eeb5cbc8ce4ffb0e4c8700712395a
Author: Alexey Kuznetsov <akuznetsov@...>
Date:   2018-08-22T04:52:48Z

    GG-14081 Fake commit to fix renaming: part 1.



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