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From Alexey Kosenchuk <alexey.kosenc...@nobitlost.com>
Subject Re: PHP thin client
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2018 09:47:21 GMT
> But now in PR we have no readme at all
> Agree with examples on readme.io, but other information (how to install, how
> to configurate, install from sources, basic description) may be in sources,
> it help a lot
> Or it also should be on readme.io?
> This question because in other platforms have readme exist and they have
> this basic information in it

You know, I'm confused with all this documentation stuff...
For nodejs client all docs were moved from the repo to readme.io but the 
readme.md keeps the installation instructions (duplicated with 
readme.io). Probably, that's ok.
Will add similar short readme.md to the PHP PR.


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