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From Dmitry Melnichuk <dmitry.melnic...@nobitlost.com>
Subject Re: Python thin client
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2018 14:25:27 GMT

There is indeed a feature in `setuptools` I just learned about, which 
would help in this case (and I believe the case you demonstrated can be 
quite typical, thank you for pointing it out). It gives user a clever 
message in the end of a stack trace like

 > UnsupportedPythonVersion: pyignite requires Python '>=3.4' but the
 > running Python is 2.7.15

This feature is not 100% bullet-proof, and it will not help users who 
will try to install my client other way than with `pip` or `setup.py`.
It will also be less helpful with old versions of `pip` (before 9.0).
However, it should cover most situations.

On 9/4/18 7:15 PM, Nikolay Izhikov wrote:
> Hello, Dmitry.
> I understand that for experienced Python developer it obvious from
> stack trace I send.
> But can we check python version on startup? And print big fat error
> message "You are using wrong python version".
> From my experience, there are some tickets in Ignite that should be
> implemented in various thin clients. It a very trivial changes, but
> lack of testability makes this task harder then steel.
> I think a .Net DEVNOTES are very good example.
> Please, be gentle with your fellow contributors and make DEVNOTES as
> clear as possible.

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