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From kotamrajuyashasvi <kotamrajuyasha...@gmail.com>
Subject Memory leak in ignite-cassandra module
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2018 06:36:34 GMT

We are working on an Ignite project with Cassandra as persistent storage.
During our tests we faced the continuous cassandra session refresh issue.

When we observed the above issue we also ran into OutOfMemory Exception.
Though the above issue is solved we ran through the source code to find out
the root cause
of OOM. We found one potential cause.

In org.apache.ignite.cache.store.cassandra.session.CassandraSessionImpl.java
when refresh() method is invoked to handle Exceptions, new Cluster is build
with same LoadBalancingPolicy Object. We are using RoundRobinPolicy so same
RoundRobinPolicy object would be used while building Cluster when refresh()
is invoked. In RoundRobinPolicy there is a CopyOnWriteArrayList<Host>
liveHosts. When ever init(Cluster cluster, Collection<Host> hosts) is called
on RoundRobinPolicy  it calls liveHosts.addAll(hosts) adding all the Host
Object Collection to liveHosts. 
When ever Cluster is build during refresh() the Host Collection are added
again to the liveHosts of the same RoundRobinPolicy that is used. Thus same
Hosts are added again to liveHosts for every refresh() and the size would
grow indefinitely after many refresh() calls causing OOM. Even in the heap
dump post OOM we found huge number of Objects in liveHosts of
RoundRobinPolicy Object.

IGNITE-8354 has fixed the OOM by preventing unnecessary refresh() but still
does not fix the actual Memory leak caused due to RoundRobinPolicy . In a
long run we can have many Cassandra refresh due to some genuine reasons and
then we end up with many Hosts in liveHosts of the RoundRobinPolicy Object.
Some possible solutions would be
1. To use new LoadBalancingPolicy object while building new Cluster during
2. Somehow clear Objects in liveHosts during refresh(). 

Also there's a work around to use DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy as it uses adds
hosts dc wise and adds only if absent. But we are using single datacenter
and its not recommended to use DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy when we have single

I would like to request some one from ignite cassandra module development
look into this issue.

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