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From DmitriyGovorukhin <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] ignite pull request #2720: Ignite 2.1.5 merge
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2017 13:42:15 GMT
GitHub user DmitriyGovorukhin opened a pull request:


    Ignite 2.1.5 merge


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/gridgain/apache-ignite ignite-2.1.5-merge

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #2720
commit 276e84a91bcea9c6b076ff674cdd16d93fbbde4d
Author: Igor Sapego <isapego@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-10T12:31:44Z

    IGNITE-5995: ODBC fix for SQLGetData.
    (cherry picked from commit 0d8d166)

commit 020ff3608d07fc584effe0826d72eb5edac0e1d6
Author: Igor Sapego <isapego@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-15T13:55:31Z

    IGNITE-6032: ODBC: Added SQL_SCROLL_OPTIONS support for SQLGetInfo
    (cherry picked from commit f3d3d1bd718068c941e14b4e5949573b0a5d0c6a)

commit b094cb277152be41d8d3aa467167403838f69e87
Author: Alexander Paschenko <alexander.a.paschenko@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-16T06:41:54Z

    IGNITE-6019: SQL: do not pull the whole result set immediately to the client when there
is no merge table. This closes #2430.

commit 56d8baa3744992a77ee5eb9bea8f78bf50667ffa
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-16T11:06:58Z

    IGNITE-6074 Fixed test fail IgniteWalRecoveryTest#testWalBigObjectNodeCancel (reset position
and limit after expand buffer) - Fixes #2452.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>

commit 3d696da0714577dff82229db3c3aed87d43f1f10
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-16T14:01:57Z

    IGNITE-6082 Fixed DynamicIndexPartitionedTransactionalConcurrentSelfTest.testConcurrentPutRemove
(use correct IP finder in test SPI)

commit 5819acd8c829c4d65bf53c6bef39e3dfb9fc938b
Author: Sergey Chugunov <sergey.chugunov@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-16T14:12:27Z

    IGNITE-6073 Handy API to add binary metadata locally

commit 6528622444d389f4876195b35cadc6cb68f36cc4
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-16T14:59:11Z

    IGNITE-6068 Fixed InvalidPartitionException during index visit

commit 30de686fbc206f2d105f17eee4f31b6bdc1c0a14
Author: Konstantin Dudkov <kdudkov@ya.ru>
Date:   2017-08-15T12:28:05Z

    IGNITE-6067 move initialize() to GridCacheUtils - Fixes #2445.
    (cherry picked from commit 24cfc2a)

commit 8a5e3dd24a924b0d81a3771a0e71fd28c6ca8953
Author: vsisko <vsisko@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T07:55:08Z

    IGNITE-5586 Toggle cluster active state.
    (cherry picked from commit 5283e19)

commit 5cefdef0ccf2f24053068e529d4eeb3e0eddf1d6
Author: devozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T08:24:06Z

    IGNITE-6080: DML batches are now grouped by affinity. This closes #2454.

commit 50a42280a08b71ff023f06262a19011f4c2bef37
Author: tledkov-gridgain <tledkov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T10:41:37Z

    IGNITE-5233: JDBC thind driver: implemented metadata methods. This closes #2079.

commit 44c1d5b9ff20a768c66c37520949073b5bb7c489
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T10:46:03Z

    IGNITE-6091 Fixed flaky test CacheLateAffinityAssignmentTest.testRandomOperations - Fixes
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>

commit 8486b98c4542291644cb0f2b0ac53934f5da4d32
Author: nikolay_tikhonov <ntikhonov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T11:41:38Z

    IGNITE-5947 Fixed "ClassCastException when two-dimensional array is fetched from cache".
    Signed-off-by: nikolay_tikhonov <ntikhonov@gridgain.com>

commit 38cccd3ca31a4d1d5c9a6500eda203285603bb86
Author: Sergey Kalashnikov <skalashnikov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T11:58:38Z

    IGNITE-5738: JDBC: add batch support. This closes #2393.

commit 621f62a41a7186d891ee2d743d911bfafa3dc617
Author: devozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T12:39:27Z

    IGNITE-5837: Minor fix to DynamicIndexAbstractConcurrentSelfTest. This closes #2345.

commit a2ae057ac57cace756334044c35ac08e38d50eb6
Author: Ivan Rakov <ivan.glukos@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T12:54:21Z

    IGNITE-6033 Added sorted and multithreaded modes in checkpointing algorithm - Fixes #2441.

commit 752167976af6d361feb38c4940b1916da014dc74
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T14:05:50Z

    IGNITE-6098 Fixed IgniteDataIntegrityTests.testExpandBuffer - Fixes #2465.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>

commit a787eee339190a0d4110850fd876ea315f53ed53
Author: Dmitriy Govorukhin <dmitriy.govorukhin@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T14:07:29Z

    IGNITE-6100 Fixed memory leak, IgnitePdsRecoveryAfterFileCorruptionTest.testPageRecoveryAfterFileCorruption
- Fixes #2466.
    Signed-off-by: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>

commit 9bca772d70efdbfa779c5f9dca26845626fcea43
Author: devozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T14:56:02Z

    IGNITE-5233: Fixed JavaDocs.

commit 718f4a6395a02549d180a08ba23ac447bcd0cd78
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T15:09:50Z

    IGNITE-6103 - Handle missed partition ID during WAL replay

commit 2f2b180b0aae90d8eff706f868931343623150ab
Author: devozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T15:24:34Z

    IGNITE-5991: SQL: Lazy query execution. This closes #2437.

commit df916d9f6266339167d3d23df0497480c8a80562
Author: devozerov <ppozerov@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-10T20:13:37Z

    IGNITE-6027: Added last page marker to GridQueryNexPageResponse, so that responses with
unknown row count could be processed correctly. This closes #2426.

commit 85299bd887cd16efde4a50bc2dfd8320e32f332d
Author: Ivan Rakov <ivan.glukos@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T16:10:33Z

    IGNITE-6102 - Implemented persistence configuration consistency check. Fixes #2470

commit 9b071aa193f3b7c57d7c1014dd3eb0dd0047e9b5
Author: Dmitriy Shabalin <dmitriyff@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T16:57:07Z

    IGNITE-6104 Web Console: moved "Download Web Agent" link to footer.
    (cherry picked from commit fb890a2)

commit d81c32ee4eeb5676aa377927d287436cb70d99da
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-17T17:35:06Z

    gg-12644 : Fixed backward compatibility.

commit b6389d01dfdebd29b9108691f8ce2ef5991a4ef3
Author: Vasiliy Sisko <vsisko@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-18T04:08:13Z

    IGNITE-5985 Web Console: added generation for QueryEntity key fields.
    (cherry picked from commit ef055fe)

commit 9cf8950af3945332d87d653ca841cf7b08be2e17
Author: Vasiliy Sisko <vsisko@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-18T04:12:27Z

    IGNITE-6105 Web console: Fixed missed cache name in preview for cache checkpoint SPI.
    (cherry picked from commit bb326d1)

commit 1193f5e418153234f3f1cec19a3ab6d55a8db526
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-18T07:21:24Z

    IGNITE-6102 - Do not run consistency check for client and daemon nodes

commit bcf908cb3fd9521be5f4b753029c718397e66657
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-18T08:56:50Z

    IGNITE-6102 - Do not run consistency check for client and daemon nodes

commit 49d73545ed703483bf9831abe4bc6ae6388b0901
Author: Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-18T09:47:08Z

    IGNITE-5901 Fixed AsynchronousCloseException in WAL



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