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From 李玉珏@163 <18624049...@163.com>
Subject Re: Upgrade dependency to outdated Lucene 3.5.0
Date Tue, 23 May 2017 15:07:20 GMT
Lucene6 requires JDK8 and later versions, and I think it might be 
reasonable to update to the Lucene5.5.4 version.

在 2017/5/23 22:07, Andrey Mashenkov 写道:
> Hi Igniters,
> Ignite-indexing module has outdated dependency to apache-lucene-3.5.0,
> however, actual version of lucene for now is 6.5.1. Here is a ticket [1].
> Store format version of 3.x is deprecated in 4.x and does not supported at
> all
> in higher versions, that cause difficulties to integrate with ignite on
> user side.
> Apache Lucene 6.x seems doen't support <=4.x index format,
> but 5.x index format can be used via additional jar with old codecs.
> Also, I've found GridLuceneIndex stores index in offheap via old approach
> and
> page memory is not supported, so it can't be persisted (looking forward to
> PDS).
> Seems, we will not break any compatibility if we upgrade lucene version in
> 2.1,
> until (or together with) Ignite full-text-search component supports page
> memory and PDS merged to ignite.
> I think we should upgrade to latest 6.x version, as it will much harder to
> do it later.
> Is there any cons\pros to upgrade lucene dependency up to latest 6.x
> version?
> [1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-3562

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