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From Konstantin Boudnik <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: GridGain Donates Persistent Distributed Store To ASF (Apache Ignite)
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2017 23:17:15 GMT
Great news indeed! Thanks for sharing!

Before we jump on the voting and all that, can we have a chance to learn more
about this new feature and its integration points with the rest of the
platform? A few questions come to mind immediately:

1. This is an "optional disk layer", so it could be turned off _completely_ and
   have no effect on those who don't want nor need to use it, right?
2. Does it have any performance implications on the in-memory operations?
3. When you say it is "fully ... ANSI-99 SQL compliant fault-tolerant" does it
   mean that _all_ SQL operations are now now supported through SQL or still
   some of them only available through the JAVA APIs? THe fault tolerance is
   for the data-center only as before, right? No new WAN-able HA has been
4. With addition of this new model, are there any backward compatibility
   issues that would affect Ignite's application developers?
5. Can we have a discussion about the design of this new layer so people here
   can understand better what's being offered, how to take the advantage of
   it, and - most importantly - to offer their own insights and improvements
   into this new subsystems before it's landed in the source code? And it
   would safe a lot of time on Q&A as well.

I am confused a little bit by these two slightly controversial statements:
- "GG... has been developing a unique distributed persistent store...for more
  than a year in-house"
- "we decided at GridGain that this tremendous feature should be open source
  from the very beginning"

So, it sounds like the code has been under the development for a while and it
isn't opened up "from the very beginning", unless there's a new meaning of the
word beginning I am not aware of just yet :) It feels like this could be a
significant amount of the code to be digested by the community.

Appreciate your thoughts on this! Thanks,

On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 07:37PM, Denis Magda wrote:
> Igniters,
> GridGain, as one of the most active Apache Ignite contributors, has been
> developing a unique distributed persistent store specifically for Apache
> Ignite for more than a year in-house. It’s a fully ACID and ANSI-99 SQL
> compliant fault-tolerant solution. 
> The store transparently integrates with Apache Ignite as an optional disk
> layer (in addition to the existing RAM layer) via the new page memory
> architecture that to be released in Apache Ignite 2.0. This allows storing
> supersets of data on disk while having a subset in memory not worrying about
> that you forgot to preload (warmup) your caches!
> Assuming that the storage goes to ASF as a part of Apache Ignite 2.1 release
> the following will be supported by Ignite out-of-the-box:
> * SQL queries execution over the data that is both in RAM and on disk: no
> need to preload the whole data set in memory.
> * Cluster instantaneous restarts: once your cluster ring is recovered after
> a restart your applications are fully operational even if they highly
> utilize SQL queries.
> As for the use cases, it means that Apache Ignite will be possible to use as
> a distributed SQL database with memory-first concept.
> And we decided at GridGain that this tremendous feature should be open
> source from the very beginning.
> Guys, could you advise how I can start official donation process?
> —
> Denis

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