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From Dmitry Karachentsev <dkarachent...@gridgain.com>
Subject Re: IGNITE-4284 - ready for review
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:59:02 GMT
Hi Nikita,

I've looked through the issue and, because fix is quite small and 
important, committed to PR#1681 [1]. Please take a look at it. Here is 
the code review [2].
I'll assign it to myself and resolve. If you have any questions about 
fix, please ask.

Thanks for your effort!

[1] https://github.com/apache/ignite/pull/1681
[2] http://reviews.ignite.apache.org/ignite/review/IGNT-CR-140


22.03.2017 14:41, Nikita Amelchev пишет:
> Some about p2p class loading support. I thought that we can unmarshal on
> processNodeAddFinishedMessage when discovery data recieved. But for
> unmarshal required optimized marshaller(register classes in sys cache) that
> starting after joinLatch countdown in this message. I tryed unmarshal
> filters after joinLatch down but it broke some tests such as reconnects and
> backups. Its possible unmarshal before joinLatch countdown and sys cache
> was started? Or forbid node to start and throw checked exception?
> 2017-02-22 12:35 GMT+03:00 Alexey Goncharuk <alexey.goncharuk@gmail.com>:
>> Nikita,
>> The fix looks wrong to me. The point of the assertion was to ensure an
>> invariant,
>> see org.apache.ignite.internal.processors.cache.query.continuous.
>> CacheContinuousQueryManager#executeQuery
>> -V2 handler is created only when remote filter factory is not null.
>> The test observes both fields equal to null because deserialization failed
>> because peer class loading is not supported in certain places of code in
>> Ignite (namely, discovery subsystem), and joining node receives registered
>> continuous queries through discovery data. Silent ignorance of this failure
>> is wrong, we should either forbid such a node to start or support p2p class
>> loading for discovery (or suggest yet another solution).
>> 2017-02-22 12:03 GMT+03:00 Nikita Amelchev <nsamelchev@gmail.com>:
>>> Hello. I fixed it.
>>> Please, review.
>>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-4284 - Failed second client
>>> node join with continuous query and peer class loading enabled
>>> latest ci.tests:
>>> http://ci.ignite.apache.org/project.html?projectId=IgniteTests&branch_
>>> IgniteTests=pull%2F1564%2Fhead
>>> --
>>> Best wishes,
>>> Amelchev Nikita

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