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From Denis Magda <dma...@gridgain.com>
Subject Tuning number of partitions per cache
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2016 04:33:58 GMT

Let's say I know the following parameters of my system and cluster:
- number of nodes and their CPUs;
- per node size and total size;
- number of caches;
- number of entries in the caches;
- network bandwidth.

And I want to tune a number of partitions per cache to gain much 
possible performance of my cluster.

The first obvious thing we know is that the number of partitions mustn't 
be less than the number of nodes.

Next possible suggestion is that if average partition size is measured 
in tens/hundreds(?) of gigabytes and more then we should set more 
partitions to reduce this size.
I have the following case in mind for this suggestion. Let's say we have 
partition "10" which size is around 20 GB. If to increase the number of 
partitions in a such a way that this 20 GB will be split among two or 
three partitions located on different nodes then the rebalancing should 
happen faster because the same amount of data will be preloaded from 
different nodes rather than from a single one. Is my understanding 
correct? Am I missing something?

Is anyone else have other suggestions in mind taking into account the 
parameters from the list above?


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