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From 李玉珏@163 <18624049...@163.com>
Subject about apache ignite's document localization(Simplified Chinese)
Date Sun, 15 Nov 2015 02:19:47 GMT

On the Ignite Development Manual of the simplified chinese localization, 
I have the first part of the 'basic concepts' translation is completed, 
the second part of the 'cluster' has been translated, the content is 
being carried out.

Some people suggest that I translate directly on the readme.io, because 
I'm here to visit the readme.io speed is slower, and the other readme 
uses a hybrid online editing mode, for the consideration of the 
translation speed, I use pure markdown to write. In view of the effect 
of readme.io is better, but I have limited time, if there is a volunteer 
in the community will be willing to convert pure markdown to readme, and 
help me do the translation of the audit, will be a very good thing.

If no one is willing to do this more tedious work, I plan to convert 
pure markdown to html, like mail attachments, and then the official put 
a link to my page is OK.

在 15/11/9 15:29, Dmitriy Setrakyan 写道:
> On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 10:36 PM, 姜 为 <ydswcy513@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Dmitriy:
>>          I create https://apacheignitecn.readme.io/docs <
>> https://apacheignitecn.readme.io/docs> for translate Chinese.
> Thanks, I will add the link to Ignite website, once we have something to
> publish.
>>          And http://apacheignite.readme.io/ <http://apacheignite.readme.io/>
>> have plans to do international translate?
> I don’t think readme.io supports this feature.
>>> 在 2015年11月8日,下午5:38,Dmitriy Setrakyan <dsetrakyan@apache.org>
>>> On Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 6:30 PM, 李玉珏@163 <18624049226@163.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi:
>>>> I have registered the readme.io account, and I know how to use it in
>>>> general.
>>>> I asked, the Suggest Edits will be effective or need a review process
>>>> after the submission?
>>> The committers will review the edits.
>>>> In addition, I now know about Ignite is not deep enough, I'm afraid I
>> can
>>>> only modify some obvious mistakes.
>>> This is OK, any improvement to the documentation helps.
>>>> 在 15/11/7 17:04, Dmitriy Setrakyan 写道:
>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I agree that documentation may be inconsistent in some places. Can you
>> use
>>>>> the “Suggest Edits” feature of readme.io to provide the fixes to
>>>>> documentation?
>>>>> D.
>>>>> On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 4:06 AM, 李玉珏@163 <18624049226@163.com>
>>>>> Hi:
>>>>>> The speed of the problem may be related to the network situation
>> between
>>>>>> China and the United States, I am here very fast.
>>>>>> I am not very busy recently, so the speed of the translation of these
>>>>>> days
>>>>>> is very fast, and it is expected that the next week will be related
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> cluster will be translated, and then into the translation of data
>> grid.
>>>>>> In addition,In the translation process, I found that some parts of
>>>>>> document is clearly wrong, mainly in the description of some
>>>>>> configuration
>>>>>> parameters, and the code does not match, for example, in the end
>> the
>>>>>> chapter of the cluster configuration, the parameters of the
>>>>>> TcpDiscoverySpi, some obvious mistakes, the other part of the problem
>>>>>> also
>>>>>> exists.
>>>>>> I think this is a big problem, it may be difficult to maintain the
>> unity
>>>>>> of the code and documentation, but still hope that the development
>> team
>>>>>> can
>>>>>> improve the problem, otherwise easy to mislead the developer, because
>> it
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> not every developer will go to see the code。
>>>>>> 在 15/11/6 01:17, Dmitriy Setrakyan 写道:
>>>>>> Yes, I can visit the link, although it takes a while to load.
>>>>>> Please keep us posted with your progress. Let us know once you have
>>>>>> enough
>>>>>> ready for us to post on the website. It does not have to be a complete
>>>>>> set,
>>>>>> just enough to get people started.
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> D.
>>>>>> On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 4:04 AM, 李玉珏@163 <18624049226@163.com>
>>>>>> Hi:
>>>>>>> OK, I've subscribed to it.
>>>>>>> I confirm that I have made the link you can visit it? I would
like to
>>>>>>> take git.oschina.net as the hosting platform of the document,
>>>>>>> will be generated after the completion of the translation will
>> be
>>>>>>> placed in the oschina.net, I have to make sure that all people
>> be
>>>>>>> normal access.
>>>>>>> 在 15/11/5 02:19, Dmitriy Setrakyan 写道:
>>>>>>> Yujue Li,
>>>>>>> Have you been able to properly subscribe? Usually you would get
>> reply
>>>>>>> and you have to reply to that reply. After that your subscription
>>>>>>> done.
>>>>>>> D.
>>>>>>> On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 3:52 AM, 李玉珏@163 < <18624049226@163.com>
>>>>>>> 18624049226@163.com> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi:
>>>>>>>> I am a developer from China, I hope to join the ignite community.
>>>>>>>> I hope that in the community to engage in the work is to
>> the
>>>>>>>> documentation of Ignite into simplified chinese, to help
>>>>>>>> promotion
>>>>>>>> in china.
>>>>>>>> Thanks!

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