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From Branko ─îibej <br...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Nodes starts in tests
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2015 10:34:17 GMT
On 20.09.2015 10:11, Yakov Zhdanov wrote:
> Very cool idea! However this will not be working in 100% cases since
> sometimes we need custom grid configurations, SPIs, etc, but for
> significant number of tests this will work.

This is actually, IMO, a very bad idea. One of the most important
principles when designing tests is that each test case should be
independent of others. In practice that means that if you run test cases
in random order, their results should always be the same. If a test case
depends on a particular way the grid is started up, then moving the grid
startup outside the test case will introduce dependencies between test
cases that could hide bugs.

The primary goal of a test suite is not to be efficient and fast but to
be accurate.

-- Brane

> 2015-09-20 11:00 GMT+03:00 Sergi Vladykin <sergi.vladykin@gmail.com>:
>> Guys,
>> A little observation. We have really many tests which start and stop nodes
>> for each test method.
>> Example is IgniteCacheAbstractQuerySelfTest, it contains about 30 test
>> methods and 3 subclasses.
>> In beforeTest method it starts nodes in afterTest it stops them, while
>> cache setup is the same.
>> What I'm trying to say is that each test method itself takes milliseconds
>> to run, but grid start/stop takes* more than 5 seconds* for each test
>> method. So from the standpoint of time we are testing grid start/stop all
>> the time. It is not surprising that our tests take very long time to
>> finish.
>> Since we already support dynamic cache start/destroy which are much more
>> fast than grid start/stop,
>> I think we should go through a refactoring and use existing nodes within a
>> suite as much as possible.
>> I believe this can reduce run time of cache related tests like 10 times.
>> Sergi

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