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From Vladimir Ozerov <voze...@gridgain.com>
Subject Implementing Java -> platform callbacks in C++.
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2015 13:45:28 GMT

Lots of our features rely on callbacks from Ignite to user code. This is
essential for task execution, cache invokes, cache store, continuous
queries, messaging, etc..

Ideally from user perspective target class should look somewhat like this:
class MyListener : public IListener<MyKey*, MyVal*> {
    bool Invoke(MyKey*, MyType*);

And Java -> C++ linking code will be something like this:
jboolean JniListenerCallback(JNIEnv *env, jclass cls, jlong ptr, _others_) {
    int callbackType = type(_others_);

    switch (callbackType) {
    case 6:
        MyKey* key = unmarshal<MyKey*>(_others_);
        MyVal* val = unmarshal<MyVal*>(_others_);
        return reinterpret_cast<MyListener>(ptr).Invoke(_others_);
    case 7:
        MyOtherKey* key = unmarshal<MyOtherKey*>(_others_);
        MyOtherVal* val = unmarshal<MyOtherVal*>(_others_);
        return reinterpret_cast<MyOtherListener>(ptr).Invoke(_other_);

Looks like we can implement it as follows:
1) Ask user to provide function pointer (or lib_name + func_name for
standalone node) for specific callback type to configuration.
2) This function, in turn, must be implemented by user with our macros,
somehow like this:
    IGNITE_ADD_LISTENER_CALLBACK(6, MyListener, MyKey*, MyVal*)

  IGNITE_ADD_LISTENER_CALLBACK(7, MyOtherListener, MyOtherKey*, MyOtherVal*)

Looks like it should do the trick and enable C++ code execution through

Any comments or ideas? May be we can employ visitor/double-dispatch
technique somehow here? Or something completely different?


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