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From Marco Speranza <marco.speranz...@gmail.com>
Subject Migration and maven plugin
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 16:53:48 GMT
Hi all, I'm working to develop a little maven plugin that integrates ibatis
migrate API with the maven build life cycle. Now I have to integrate the
system.out information that migrate writes to screen, with the standard
maven log and my problem is this: migrate uses a PrintStream instance to
write the information via System.out, but the field is static and final ..
so I can't set my printer stream instance that sends migrate's output to the
standard maven logger. My question is this: is possible to patch migrate by
adding a "set" method and remove the "final" modifier? If my little idea is
ok for you I can send a patch to JIRA tnx in advice

Marco Speranza <marco.speranza79@gmail.com>

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