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From Clinton Begin <clinton.be...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: "JDBC requires that the JdbcType must be specified for all nullable parameters"
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 13:54:54 GMT
Null parameters are allowed, so we can't fail upon them.  To maintain
compatibility with string based calls against map parameters, we don't
distinguish between a null keyed entry in the map and no keyed entry at all.

I'd be willing to consider this change, but it's one of those things that
has always been true, and so some people might depend on this behavior,
especially those that don't use mapper interfaces.

If you like, file a feature request in Jira.


On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 10:27 PM, cowwoc <cowwoc@bbs.darktech.org> wrote:

> On 07/04/2010 12:09 AM, cowwoc wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    I am getting an error message:
>>    "JDBC requires that the JdbcType must be specified for all nullable
>> parameters [...] The error may involve <mapper name>-Inline". Granted,
>> telling me the mapper name is useful but I believe we can improve this error
>> message in two regards:
>> 1. I mistakenly read "nullable parameters" as "nullable columns" and
>> wasted time looking for problems in my database schema. I wonder if others
>> have made a similar mistake...? Is it possible to rephrase this as follows?
>> "Mapper methods cannot accept null arguments without a properly configured
>> JdbcType. Either specify a JdbcType or refrain from passing in null."
>> 2. I noticed that when this exception is thrown iBatis has quite a bit
>> more information available to it. Is it possible to add the following
>> information to the error message?
>> Prepared statement: "SELECT * FROM animals WHERE name = ? AND age > ?",
>> parameter #2 was null
>>    This would enable me to track down exactly which parameter was equal to
>> null.
>> Thank you,
>> Gili
> The error message turned out to be even more misleading than I first
> expected. I had this code:
>    @Select("SELECT value FROM seat_properties WHERE seat = #{seat} AND key
> = #{key}")
>    String get(short seat, String key);
> I wrongly assumed that iBatis would grab the parameter names from the
> method declaration. Instead, it names the parameters #{1}, #{2}, etc. When
> iBatis tried invoking this method, it couldn't find #{seat} so it assigned
> it a null value and failed with the aforementioned error message. I had to
> use the @Param annotation to fix this:
>    @Select("SELECT value FROM seat_properties WHERE seat = #{seat} AND key
> = #{key}")
>    String get(@Param("seat") short seat, @Param("key") String key);
> Shouldn't iBatis fail-fast when the parameter it is looking up ("seat" in
> my case) is missing, as opposed to assigning it a null value? A nice error
> message would be "Could not find parameter #{seat}. The following parameters
> are defined: #{1}, #{2}." I would have caught on fairly quickly with that
> error message.
> Gili
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